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Ok so here’s the thing: I KNOW I’ve got a few extra kilograms (pounds) around my middle and on my arms or whatever. To be considered in the ‘healthy’ weight range I need to lose like, 7 kilos but I, personally, don’t care. I think I look fine! These are my favourite jeans!
Today though, my mum told me I was too fat to be wearing a tank top and jeans this tight. 
And you know what? It really upset me. Shouldn’t I be able to wear whatever I want without feeling bad about myself? I don’t know, maybe I’m just having one of those ‘I’m the worst’ days and I’m just rambling on about nothing. 
Does anyone have any thoughts??

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    I think you look damn fab and that you shouldn’t listen to your mom because she’s completely wrong. (I really like the...
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    oh yeah totes. honestly she’s right. you’re really fat. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH no. ok here’s the deal. Your figure is...
  4. thougt said: omg honey you look perfect β™‘ its wrong your mom says things like that to you but remember: the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself! :) and if you think you are perfect (which i agree with) then you don’t have to change for anybody β™₯ rock those jeans girl…
  5. notesfromatwentysomething said: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! YOU ARE GORGEOUS. That blue is lovely on you!!! And your jeans hug you perfectly. In the words of T.I., “Never mind what haters say, ignore ‘em till they fade away.” :)
  6. neverbeenmoredone said: Hey, don’t let anyone tell you don’t look good. My dad did the same thing to me for a long time. Wear what you want, it’s your body. If anyone tells you different, tell them to mind their business. And besides, your body looks normal. Healthy.
  7. ameth-st said: You’re perfect just the way you are. Props to you for loving yourself and choosing to ignore what society says is beautiful. Congrats girl! (:
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    I think this girl looks great!! Her post makes me want to become more confident with myself! Girl you’re beautiful!!!
  9. sparage said: you look fine dude and besides no one should decide how you feel for you. i joined a gym a few months ago and i stopped going bc i realized i didn’t care if i was a size 14 like ??
  10. rivetingl-y said: I’m not sure what your mum sees, but I think you look amazing. You SHOULD be able to wear whatever you want and I hope you don’t let something like this keep you from wearing what you feel like wearing.
  11. plainjanefaye said: that’s so fucking rude of her. you’re rad as fuck, keep being awesome.
  12. girlbythewayside said: Wear whatever the heck makes you comfortable. I think that tank top is a great color on you.
  13. cxtpower said: you’re beautiful the way you are, don’t let your mum tell you otherwise, speaking of that, your mom shouldn’t be saying that to you, even if she was just trying to be nice.
  14. carelesss-ly said: Don’t let other people change your view on your own body :)
  15. jhlcx said: You’re beautiful x
  16. i-killed-all-the-other-daisies said: You know what. You look good.
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